About Sunshine Global PCB Group

Shenzhen Sunshine Circuits Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 2001. With 350,000 square feet production capacity and 1500 employees, we manufacture multilayer rigid PCB, rigid/flex PCB, RF, metal back and other special material PCB. Our products are used in telecommunication, industrial control, medical devices, computer and peripheral, green energy and many others technology fields.

Lead by a team of industry veterans, Sunshine has grown significantly in the last ten year. The company has emerged from the recent global financial crisis to become the world’s leading supplier of high mix high tech printed circuit boards.

In year 2011, Sunshine invests 150 million us dollars to build a brand new facility in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province. Upon completion, Jiujiang Sunshine Circuits Technology will have over 1,400,000 sq.ft. production area and 5000 employees with 280 million us dollars in annual sales.

In year 2013, Rinde PCB GmbH (Germany) became part of the Sunshine Group. We can now provide prototype PCB for the local European market.

Sunshine, Brighten Your Business Prospects!

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