David Aldape Joins Sunshine Global PCB Group as Chief Technology Officer

David Aldape has been name Chief Technology Officer for Sunshine Global PCB Group. As the corporate CTO,  Mr. Aldape will lead the company’s product development, and go-to-market strategies.  With a keen sense of not only what the market is asking for, but what the market needs, Mr. Aldape will lead his team to develop new technology and solutions that will reduce cycle time and increase reliability of the products and reduced their customers’ total cost of ownership.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Aldape served Director of Engineering and Quality/Product Engineering Manager with Streamline Circuits and Director of Engineering at Dynamic Details Milpitas site. Where, he was responsible for driving the most advanced and innovative offerings and for developing strategies to bridge the gap between traditional PCB’s and next generation products. Known for his ability to address a prospect’s needs and provide solutions that bring product from conception to reality from prototype to mainstream production. Mr. Aldape was instrumental in growth and productivity-enhancing solutions to these organizations serving the needs of the medical, telecommunication, military and aerospace industries.

Mr. Aldape has received various accreditations during his tenure in the industry, is a frequent contributor to technology publications, and is often sought out to speak at industry events.

Mr. Aldape received his BS in Engineering from theCollegeofScotland.

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