ZETA® Certified Shenzhen Sunshine Circuits Technology Co. Ltd.

Integral Technology, Inc. (www.integral-hdi.com), a developer, manufacturer and supplier of HDI materials for the printed circuit board industry, has announced that PCB manufacturer Shenzhen Sunshine Circuits Technology (www.sunshinepcbgroup.com) is the next PCB fabricator certified to produce circuit boards using Integral’s revolutionary Zeta® glass-free laminate and film solutions for rigid printed circuit boards applications.

“We welcome Shenzhen Sunshine Circuits to our expanding team of world-class, now worldwide fabricators,” stated Integral President Ken Parent. “We look forward to the addition of Sunshine as a new Asian Pacific manufacturer.”

Zeta films are a family of several proprietary materials designed to help OEMs and printed circuit shops stay ahead of the new demands in electronics manufacturing brought on by miniaturization and demanding thermal and electrical requirements.

Zeta® Cap is a copper-clad, high Tg C-stage glass-free laminate designed to eliminate pad cratering in circuit board assembly. Zeta® Lam, a related dielectric film, allows ultra-thin HDI buildup layers (down to 12 microns) with improved thickness uniformity and transmission line performance. Zeta® Bond is a proprietary glass-free B-stage bonding film capable of filling circuits and vias.

To ensure rigorous standards of performance are met, Integral Technology requires PCB shops to commit to a certification program where the process and equipment are adjusted to properly process the sophisticated glass-free dielectrics. This quality recognition provides assurance to end-users and OEMs [Original Equipment Manufacturers] that they will receive consistent products which meet high standards of workmanship.

“We are excited to add Zeta materials to our technical capabilities and product offering,” said Mark Zhang, President of Sunshine Global PCB Group. “This new material is truly a ‘game changer’.  Zeta will enable us to build circuit boards with thinner structures, better signal integrity, and higher reliability… ultimately allowing us to help our customers succeed – and that’s our goal.”

Sunshine Global PCB Group is a world premier Printed Circuit Board manufacturer providing high mix, low-to-mid volume, high-tech PCB solutions to leading technology companies throughout the world. With manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen and Jiujiang China, Sunshine has customer service centers in US, Germany and Singapore. Sunshine Circuits strives to provide superior products and services at competitive costs, with exceptional quality and on-time delivery.

Integral President Ken Parent stated, “Having Sunshine embrace the Zeta product is a huge step forward for Integral. Sunshine is a forward thinking company and with the industry changing so rapidly, we are confident that we have a mutually beneficial partnership.”

Zeta®  Cap has been awarded U.S. Patent No. 8,188,373. Zeta® Bond is patent pending.

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