Manufacturer's Sales Reps

C. Robert Sales

Select accounts in NC, VA, and nearby states

Contact: Cliff Roberts

Mobile +1-919-740-6802

Diversified Sales Solutions

Select accounts in Eastern OH and Western PA

Contact: Mike Maitino

Mobile +1-614-286-3786

D-MAR Associates

Select accounts in OH, IN, and IL

Contact: Dean Marinelli

Office +1-269-795-8935 x102

Mobile +1-616-560-7757

Electro Mark

Select accounts in MN, SD, ND, and WI

Contact: Mark Yost

Office +1-952-943-0382

Mobile +1-952-334-0863

G2 Manufacturing

Select accounts in British Columbia and Alberta (Western Canada)

Contact: John Gilby

Mobile +1-778-891-7765

Lian-Mueller Enterprises

Select accounts

Contact: Gerhard Mueller

Mobile +1-408-676-7098


Select accounts in MO and IL

Contact: Mike Sexton

Mobile +1-314-583-2074

Roja Sales

Select accounts in IL and WI

Contact: Rosie Robbs

Office +1-630-586-9912

Mobile +1-630-649-9944

Selmark Associates

Select accounts in New England

Contact: Mike Wakefield

Office +1-508-478-9088

Mobile +1-508-962-6654

Shepard Consulting

Select accounts

Contact: Dan Shepard

Mobile +1-951-378-4366

Stein & Associates

Select accounts

Contact: Sherrie Stein

Mobile +1-760-845-3057

Wyfort Electronics

Select accounts in USA and South America

Contact: Paulo Franca

Mobile +1-949-508-0061

Sales reps listed are not exclusive for the territories stated.

If you are interested in becoming a sales rep for Sunshine Global Circuits, please email