Direct Support

Sunshine US office with Direct Sales, FAE - Field Application Engineering, DFM - Design for Manufacturing, Customer Service, and Marketing

Jason Zhao

VP of North America Operations


Based in Dallas, Texas

Jimmy Fang

VP of Business Development


Based in Los Angeles, California

Jim Hearn

Director of Sales


Based in Phoenix, Arizona

Karl Doebbert

Regional Sales Manager

Texas, Southeastern US


Based in Dallas, Texas

Ryan Lynch

Business Development Manager


Based in Dallas, Texas

Carrie Rams

Customer Service Manager


Based in Dallas, Texas

Alfredo Perez

Senior Field Application Engineer


Based in Chicago, Illinois

Al Silveira

Senior DFM Engineer


Based near Portland, Oregon

Ray Tsai

Sales Engineer


Based in Dallas, Texas

Quintin Rams

Quote Specialist


Based in Dallas, Texas

Viviana Rodríguez T.

Customer Service Representative



Based in Chihuahua, Mexico

Angela Cheng

Marketing Specialist

Based in Dallas, Texas

Josel Buada

Regional Sales Manager

Northern California


Based in Milpitas, California