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Experienced Sunshine FAE’s are here to offer technical support for PCB designers and engineers

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PCB fabrication is a complex subject that requires a lifetime to learn and master. We desire to help PCB designers by sharing our knowledge and experience and providing DFM (Design for Manufacturability) support early in the design process. A product that follows good design guidelines can avoid problems down the road such as poor yields, processing delays, and extra costs.

What is FAE?

Sunshine Global has Field Application Engineers (FAE's) in North America, Europe, and Asia to provide technical support. Our FAE's have years of experience in PCB design, fabrication, and materials. Our local engineers have access to the same software as our factory engineers to generate stack-ups and DFM's. Our FAE's understand our factory capabilities and can often answer questions right away to minimize engineering questions (EQ's).

What We Offer

Design support services offered by Sunshine Global include:

Design of Stack-Ups
Impedance Modeling
Base Materials and Material Selection
Complete DFM and EQ's (Engineering Questions)
Pre-Order DFM and Review
Design Guidelines for Rigids, Rigid-flex, and Flex
Design Suggestions for High-Speed Applications
Design Suggestions for Thermal Management
Technology Seminars and "PCB 101" Training
Panelized Gerbers (working files) for Stencils
Modification of Existing Files

If you are interested in one of the topics above, or if you need help on a topic not listed, please contact us.

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