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Freight Solutions

From small urgent orders to large production volumes, Sunshine Global Circuits is experienced in using the most appropriate freight solutions for your products. Our contracts with FedEx, UPS, DHL, and other carriers allow us to pass on economical rates and provide a variety of delivery methods, from express air to sea shipments. We can also use your designated freight carrier if you prefer to maintain control during the shipping process.

Shipping Options

Your shipments are sent using the most widely used freight companies in the world - FedEx, UPS, and DHL. We offer International Expedited Freight to help deliver your most important shipments on time. Larger production volumes can be shipped via ocean shipments to help maintain the lowest overall cost possible.

Customs Declarations

At Sunshine Global Circuits we are experts in shipping PCB's across the Globe. Every shipment contains all the documentation needed to quickly clear Customs and be delivered to your required destination.

VMI or Consignment Solutions

Sunshine Global Circuits offers several onsite inventory options: From a traditional Consignment inventory to a VMI stocking option. As the direct manufacturer of your PCB's, we can easily add Part Numbers and Adjust Quantities as your requirements change. Having an inventory of high quality and competitively priced PCB's allows our customers to be flexible as their business grows.

Prototype to Production

Take your PCB designs from prototype to production with Sunshine

Quick Turn Service

QTA and production in the same factory

Design Support

Technical support for PCB designers and engineers