Manufacturing Facilities

Sunshine Global Circuits has four manufacturing locations.
Information on Sunshine Malaysia (Vision Industries) will be added soon.

New Laser Drill in Sunshine Shenzhen

Sunshine Shenzhen Factory

Located just north of Hong Kong and situated near China’s Silicon Valley, our Shenzhen facility is our corporate headquarters. Sunshine Shenzhen specializes in complex products in a high mix manufacturing environment.

It has state-of-the-art equipment, capable of producing 48 layer PCB's with HDI, Stacked Microvias, Blind/Buried Vias, Low Dk/Df Materials, Optical Modules, and IC Substrates. This multi-building facility has a total of 20,000 m² (215,000 ft²) of manufacturing space and is staffed by 1000 experienced employees. Sunshine Shenzhen has an R&D team that works with customers and industry partners to implement new processes and materials.

Shenzhen Factory Website

Sunshine Jiujiang Factory

Located in northern Jiangxi Province, Sunshine Jiujiang is a "greenfield" facility designed from the ground up for efficient and sustainable manufacturing. Plant 1 has 47,000 m² (500,000 ft²) of manufacturing space, and Plant 2 has 63,000 m² (680,000 ft²) of space. Additional buildings on this campus house engineering and reliability labs, waste and water treatment, and employee living & recreation facilities. Headcount is 1500 as of Q3-2023.

Production began in 2014 and the capability and capacity of this facility will continue to grow. Technology includes 2-16L PCB, HDI, Heavy Copper boards, Rigid-Flex, Flex (FPC), AL-base PCB’s, RF Microwave and Heavy Copper boards. In 2020, a Green Factory was established at this site for the implementation of eco-friendly processes and energy-saving technologies.

Sunshine Germany Factory

Located in the city of Remscheid near Düsseldorf, Sunshine Europe Rinde PCB GmbH was acquired in 2013. This factory was originally established in 1966 and has a long history of building high technology products including 2-12L PCB’s, High Density PCB’s, and Rigid-Flex. This 3,300 m² (35,000 ft²) facility demonstrates the commitment of Sunshine Global Circuits to the European market and our desire to support customers locally with prototype capability. The 45 employees here are highly skilled and provide “Made in Germany” quality.

Germany Factory Website