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Not your average PCB's

RF Microwave and digital logic boards often look different than standard circuit boards. This is because they are used for processing or transmitting signals in the radio or microwave portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Features often found on RF boards include edge plating, cavities, and antennas circuits.

Material Selection

The dielectric constant (Dk or Er) and loss tangent (Df) of the base material are key concerns to an RF designer. Sunshine Global offers a wide selection of materials, including PTFE from AGC Neltec and Taconic, RO3000 and RO4000 from Rogers, and other ultra low loss materials.

Many of the low loss materials come with RTF, VLP, or HVLP copper foils, to provide smooth traces and minimize loss due to skin effect at high frequencies.

Special Designs

Sunshine Global supports special features found in RF microwave circuits. These include antennas, signal wave guides and cavities. We can build blind and buried vias using controlled depth routing or sequential lamination. We also support castellated holes, edge plating, embedded coins, and heatsinks.

Sunshine also builds hybrid constructions. Namely, RO4350B in selected layers for digital signals, and S1000-2 in other layers for analog signals.

Sunshine Advantage

To support this important and growing market, Sunshine has established a production line for RF microwave circuit boards. Sunshine provides you with a "One-Stop" shop for complex, advanced PCB's.


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