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Company Profile*

Corporate overview of Sunshine Global Circuits, our facilities, technology, and services. Check back periodically for updates to this document.

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Capability Matrix*

One page summarizing Sunshine material offerings, min/max features, processes, and technical capabilities.

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Design Guidelines*

Sunshine design guidelines for rigid PCB’s. Ideal for PCB designers doing layout or hardware engineers looking for DFM guidance.

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Material Options

List of base materials sorted by Df, showing preferred status and leadtime. Good reference for designers of hi-speed boards.

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ATE Technology Presentation

Latest info on our capability to manufacture semiconductor test boards, including 40-50 layer PCB's.

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Material Datasheets

Links to supplier websites for technical datasheets of our most widely used materials.

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Financial Reports*

Links to audited report and financial statements.

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Privacy and Terms

Sunshine Global Circuits' privacy policy, terms of service, and cookie policy for use of this website.