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Rigid PCB

High technology and high reliability PCB's from 2 to 48 layers

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The core expertise of Sunshine Global Circuits is rigid printed circuit boards. Our capabilities range from 2-layer industrial power boards up to 48-layer boards for semiconductor testing.

Advanced Technologies

We are capable of advanced interconnect technologies such as HDI (link to HDI page), Via-in-Pad with non-conductive via fill and plated over, Sequential Lamination with blind and buried vias, and controlled depth routing. For high-speed applications, we provide low loss materials, low profile copper foils, and backdrilling.

Quality Raw Materials

Rigid boards are typically made with FR4 which is epoxy resin reinforced with woven glass. Sunshine Global offers a wide variety of materials, including High Tg FR4, Low Dk/Df FR4, Ultra Low Dk/Df materials, RO4350B, Megtron 6 and 7, EM528K, EM891K, Isola I-Tera M40, Halogen-Free, and materials with low XY CTE. Our primary suppliers are Shengyi, EMC, Isola, and Panasonic.

Please visit the Resources page for a list of material options at Sunshine Global Circuits.


Our LPI soldermasks meet the requirements of IPC-SM-840, and may be glossy, matte, or semi-matte. Available colors include Green, Blue, Black, White, Red, Yellow, Clear, and others. Sunshine Global uses different coating methods depending on the technology and volume: screen printing, low-pressure spray coating, electrostatic spray, and inkjet printing.

Surface Finish

Sunshine Global offers a wide range of surface treatments in-house to support various applications and assembly requirements.

  • ENIG - Electroless Nickel Gold
  • HASL - Hot Air Solder Level
  • LF-HAL - Leadfree Hot Air Level
  • OSP - Organic Solderability Preservative
  • Imm Ag - Immersion Silver
  • Imm Sn - Immersion Tin
  • Hard Gold - Electroplated Ni/Au for Edge Connectors

Other surface finishes are available. Please contact us for details.

Sunshine Advantage

Sunshine Global provides high quality rigid boards for high technology and high reliability applications. We have the capacity to support high mix low volume, quick turn-around, as well as production volumes.

High Density Interconnect

Extremely fine pitch PCB's with laser microvias


Combining rigid boards with the power of flex circuits

Flex Circuits

Thin, light, flexible, and durable