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More Power Means More Heat

Heat generation is increasingly becoming a concern for PCB designers. Sunshine Global Circuits offer many PCB technologies that can be used to transfer heat from hot electronic components. These include aluminum back PCB's, metal-core PCB's, copper coins, and copper inlays.

Applications for thermal PCB's include power amplifiers, 5G transreceivers (see RF microwave PCB), industrial LED's, and automotive lighting.

Copper Is Best

Copper has a coefficient of thermal conductivity of 380 W/mK, compared with 225 W/mK for aluminum and 0.3 W/mK for FR4. Copper is relatively inexpensive and already utilized in PCB manufacturing. Therefore, many applications can use thermal vias and 2 oz ground planes to solve localized heat issues.

Heat Sinks and Coins

For higher power applications, copper coins or plates may be required. These are machined separately then soldered or attached to the PCB. Coins may also be embedded into the PCB and connected to the surface by thermal vias. Sunshine has manufactured various designs of this technology, including 22L PCB with 20 T-shaped coins that are press-fit into the board.

Thermally Conductive Dielectrics

Sunshine Global partners with a number of material suppliers that provide thermally conductive dielectrics. These materials range from 1.0 W/mK to 5.0 W/mK and are usually prebonded to aluminum to be used in single-sided Aluminum backed PCB's.

Sunshine can also build LED boards with AL-cores for double-sided SMT applications. Plated through holes are isolated from the metal core with resin-filled holes.

Sunshine Advantage

Sunshine offers a spectrum of heat management solutions to help you with your high power and heat-demanding designs.

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